Jeff Bezos Used Only 9 Words to Perfectly Describe Entrepreneurial Success – Inc.

Jeff Bezos Used Only 9 Words to Perfectly Describe Entrepreneurial Success – Inc.

Jeff Bezos
I was only 25 when I started a small creative agency based in Minneapolis with help from two friends. We sequestered ourselves in a back room at a large semi-abandoned shopping mall where the rent was cheap and barely anyone knew how to find us. The one thing I remember from that startup is that we absolutely treasured every single customer. They were like golden tickets or glowing jewels. I remember almost every meeting from way back then, that feeling of hopefulness and anticipation. One day, we met with a company that needed a new logo. I can't remember the details about what we decided or even whether we finished the project--I left to join another startup after only six months--but I do remember thinking about how I should choose my words carefully because I only had the client's attention for so long. It's funny looking back realizing I remember the customer but not the project! Years later, when I did some consulting on the side, I had a similar experience. .

I recall one particular meeting when I felt some synergy with a department head at a gas company. I was working with her on a proposal to interview all of the employees on camera and determine the best strategy for rolling out a new app. It was an amazing experience because I learned about how to listen to the client, how to adjust my own expectations, and how to show empathy. Recently, I watched a video from the Re:Mars conference in Las Vegas where Jeff Bezos explained some of his views about how to be a successful entrepreneur. One line really stood out as the most important piece of advice: "The most important thing is to be customer obsessed, " he said. Those nine words can make all of the difference. You can watch the entire video here: [embedded content] He went on to say this: "Don't satisfy your customers, figure out how to absolutely delight them. That is the number one thing no matter who your customers are." The founder of Amazon obviously knows a few things about starting companies and making customers happy. .

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