Stanford Graduation Brings Tim Cook To Podium, Students To Work – Palo Alto, CA Patch

Stanford Graduation Brings Tim Cook To Podium, Students To Work – Palo Alto, CA Patch

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PALO ALTO, CA — Stanford's school year filled with a college admissions scandal, breakthroughs, championships and innovation including a robot dog all comes to a peak with the graduation of the best and brightest in academia Sunday.The commencement festivities begin on Thursday for the university, with the ceremony scheduled for 9:30 a.m. Sunday with Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook. The banner time for one of the nation's most prominent universities brought back a stellar memory for Palo Alto Chamber Executive Director Judy Kleinberg. When her daughter graduated from Palo Alto High School in 1996, the commencement speaker called in sick and the replacement was none other than Steve Jobs. His daughter attended the same class and school. Kleinberg described a little nugget of a funny antic Jobs was known to provide. .

"He told the class that they 'don't have to listen to their parents anymore, '" Kleinberg said, chuckling. Jobs was indeed an unconventional person with an advanced mind that sometimes broke with tradition. Regardless, Palo Alto is expected to be ground zero this week for parents, relatives and friends to descend on for Stanford University's end of year tradition. The event is said to bring on an uptick in business and possibly traffic — especially combined with World Music Day shutting down University Avenue between High and Webster streets. The thought is that not only do family members drive around the city, but more Uber and Lyft vehicles are probably more prominent as well. .

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