This Filipina Is A Major Player In The Blockchain Industry – Cosmopolitan Philippines

This Filipina Is A Major Player In The Blockchain Industry – Cosmopolitan Philippines

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Like many Filipino breadwinners, Jonha Richman, who's from Kalibo, Aklan,  has been working pretty much all her life. Her father passed away when she was just 15, and as an only child, she felt responsible to make sure she and her mother lived comfortable lives. At 17, she started working part-time as a cashier at a fast food restaurant, earning P24 per hour; a week after graduation, she took a job at a BPO company where she stayed for four years. There, she learned about blogging, internet marketing, digital marketing, and advertising.  Back then, her monthly salary was at P11, 500, but still, she managed to buy her family their first house at 23. To do this, she had to take on several other freelancing jobs in order to raise the money she needed to pay for the property she bought during its pre-selling period. Their first house ended up costing P1 million, with a downpayment of P235, 000, so she had to figure out a way to come up with at least P15, 000 a month to pay for the house completely. Currently, Jonha has properties across the UK, Singapore, Dubai and the Philippines on top of her other investments across the globe.  ....

These days, she is a partner at JJ Richman—a private investment fund that has billions of dollars of assets under management. Now with a background in communications and marketing, Jonha has worked with global brands during her stints at Leo Burnett, Media Contacts (now part of Havas Media), and VML. On top of that, she is on the advisory board of various technologies, including Blockchain. Cosmopolitan got a chance to interview her via email to find out more about her work.  Continue reading below ↓ How did you become interested in Blockchain?
At one point, I worked on a campaign with one of the leading banks in Singapore, which reinforced my interest in finance and banking. So when I learned about cryptocurrencies (one of the many use-cases of Blockchain), I saw the potential in them just as the tech pioneers saw the potential of the internet in the '90s. How would you describe your current industry to someone who has no clue what it is?
While a significant portion of a private fund's portfolio is in cryptocurrencies and Blockchain firms, the industry I'm in is mainly investments. We constantly look for the most innovative and sustainable industries—whether they'd be emerging ....

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