Big Tech Lawyer Earns His Paycheck Arguing Google Doesn’t Dominate Search – Gizmodo

Big Tech Lawyer Earns His Paycheck Arguing Google Doesn’t Dominate Search – Gizmodo

Marissa Mayer
Photo: Sean Gallup (Getty)Today is a big day in Silicon Valley because of a hearing happening in Washington, D.C. Congress opened its long-awaited antitrust investigation of American tech giants on Tuesday with the first of several hearings. This one focused on the impact of companies like Google and Facebook on the U.S. press.
Advertisement How did it go? Most of the time was taken up by people from the news media describing the decaying state of the industry, particularly the harms to local news outlets. There was only one representative of tech there and, at the risk of the understatement of the century, he was intent on playing hardcore defense.When it was his turn to talk, Democratic Congressman David Cicilline from Rhode Island asked Matthew Schruers, vice president of the tech trade group Computer and Communications Industry Association and the tech industry’s man in the room, if they could agree on some baseline facts.Advertisement No, they could not.Cicilline confronted Schruers with the numbers that told the tale of Google’s dominance in search. .

Schruers, intent on earning his paycheck, insisted up, down, and sideways that search is a competitive market.Advertisement As his first example of a competitor, Schruers offered Apple’s Siri. The thing is, Siri searches the web with Google by default.Here’s the strange exchange in full:Cicilline: “Mr. Schruers, I want to start with you.
Google captures 88 percent of the U.S. online search market, 94 percent of all searches on smartphones, 78 percent of the search ad tech market, and 59 percent of the third-party display ad party market. .

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