Elon Musk explains why auto industry hasn’t caught up with Tesla, says competition has ‘no soul’ – Electrek

Elon Musk explains why auto industry hasn’t caught up with Tesla, says competition has ‘no soul’ – Electrek

Elon Musk
Tesla CEO Elon Musk thinks it took a while for the auto industry to believe Tesla was the real deal and now they are paying the price for it.In a new interview, Musk explains why the auto industry hasn’t caught up with Tesla yet. Motortrend jokingly made the 2013 Model S the car of year to highlight that other automakers still haven’t caught up to the capabilities of the electric vehicle from 6 years ago.Tesla has significantly improved its flagship sedan over those years – most recently earlier this year with a motor and suspension upgrade – but there’s an argument that can be made for even older versions of the Model S beating the competition.When asked in an interview with Motortrend why he thinks other automakers are having trouble catching up, Musk said that they didn’t even try to compete because they didn’t believe Tesla would succeed:“Well I don’t know. It’s surprising to us. I thought the industry would have had cars that are competitive to the Model S well before now because as we were talking about—the Model S debuted in 2009, and even if people thought, “Well, that’s an impossible car to build, ” which conventional wisdom ....

There’s not like some finance spreadsheet or something like that with some market analysis. There’s none of that. Obviously we need to bring in more money than we spend, but at the end of the day we want to make a car that we love, that hits us in the heart, that makes you feel.
And how many of these cars, they have no soul.He added:“They make all these cars that have no soul or no heart, and they wonder why nobody feels anything for them. Why should they?”Interestingly, some automakers have claimed that electric cars have no soul (except for the Kia Soul EV of course).With the Taycan, Porsche claimed that it s bringing ‘soul’ to electrification.As for keeping its lead, Musk said that Tesla needs to reduce the cost of electric powertrains and focus on autonomy:“We’ve got a really exciting product lineup, just when we’re talking about Tesla specifically, and we can talk more about the future, but we’ve got the Tesla Semi, the new Roadster, later this year hopefully we’ll be unveiling the Tesla pickup truck, and Model Y will be going into production. .

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