How an Education Startup Wasted Almost $200 Million—Data Sheet – Fortune

How an Education Startup Wasted Almost $200 Million—Data Sheet – Fortune

Marissa Mayer
NEWSWORTHYWaiting to exhale.
The tech sector can breath a sigh of relief, one which will likely inflate its stock prices, as President Trump and Chinese President Xi put off imposing any additional tariffs on trade between the two countries. That’s fortuitous for Apple, which not only avoids higher prices on the iPhone but also just moved production of its high-end PC, the Mac Pro, from the United States to China.It’s OK if you’re clueless. That hot Wall Street Journal story we linked to on Friday accusing Advanced Micro Devices of transferring key supercomputer technology to China may have been a little too hot. AMD says the story had “several factual errors and omissions and does not portray an accurate picture of the joint ventures.” Monday’s new, hot Journal story says departing Apple design chief Jony Ive has missed a lot of meetings and flopped a bit over the past few years.Getting to happy. Online retailer the RealReal went public on Friday and its shares jumped 45% from the initial offering price of $20. .

The site’s gross sales of “pre-owned” and post-authenticated Gucci bags and Cartier necklaces exceeded $224 million in the first quarter, up 42% from last year, though generating a net loss of about $23 million.Disappearing acts. The government of Iran was not kidding around when it banned bitcoin mining in the country last year. The government closed down two mining operations in Yazd province which allegedly caused a 7% jump in Iranian power consumption in June.How Stella got her groove back. They apparently need to de-ice a lot of things in Scandanavia. So Norwegian startup UBIQ Aerospace is building drones to break up the frozen stuff. .

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