Why entrepreneurs need constructive hobbies to succeed – Forbes India

Why entrepreneurs need constructive hobbies to succeed – Forbes India

Marissa Mayer
Image: Shutterstock As an entrepreneur, it’s not uncommon to devote every hour of your life to building your business. The idea of taking up activities 'for fun' sounds like a waste of time or a luxury that most entrepreneurs cannot afford. However, no down time can end up draining you both physically and mentally, which can severely impact your productivity and creativity. That’s why you need to pursue a hobby that challenges you, fuels creativity, enriches your life and in turn helps you become a better entrepreneur. Check out five reasons why entrepreneurs need constructive hobbies to succeed: Enrich your life
Hobbies or side projects improve vital skills such as memory, creative thinking, problem-solving and productivity. As hobbies are something we enjoy, they are quite rewarding and help us recharge. The new perspectives and experiences that you gain from a hobby enrich your life and help you be a better entrepreneur and a leader. The most successful entrepreneurs of our time have constructive hobbies that help them become more successful at work. .

Sandy Lerner, the co-founder of Cisco systems, enjoys jousting; Twitter’s Jack Dorsey indulges in hiking; and Microsoft founder Bill Gates is an avid bridge player. Relieve stress
Stress directly impacts your productivity and brings out negative emotions and self-loathing. Hobbies help promote 'Eustress' or beneficial stress, which fights the effects of negative stress, and makes you feel calm and motivated. By pursuing a constructive hobby that boosts the levels of Eustress, you can be more focused towards your goals and have a better chance of being successful. Consider Sir Richard Branson, the billionaire entrepreneur of the Virgin Group, who kite-surfs every day as it helps him relax and manage stress. Fuel creativity
Creativity and imagination are fuelled by your perception, which mainly comes from your past experiences. When you take up a hobby, you open yourselves up to a whole world of new experiences that get your creative juices flowing. Channeling this creativity to innovate and solve problems is one of the key benefits of having a meaningful hobby. Consider Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo and one of the most powerful businesswomen, who is an avid baker and is particularly obsessed with making cupcakes. She believes that the ....

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