Elon Musk Is Now Providing Water Filtration to Flint Michigan Schools – Inc.

Elon Musk Is Now Providing Water Filtration to Flint Michigan Schools – Inc.

Elon Musk
About 30, 000 children in Flint, Michigan will finally have safe drinking water freely available, thanks to Elon Musk. The billionaire entrepreneur, along with the Musk Foundation donated a total $480, 350 last year to add ultraviolet water filtration systems and water stations to all 12 area schools. Those water filtration systems are currently being tested and should soon be available for Flint schoolchildren to drink from. Flint's water was discovered to be badly contaminated with lead in 2014 after the city switched water supplies to save money, and the new water began corroding its lead pipe system. Since then, Flint has some of the most tested water in the world and according to the Environmental Protection Agency, much of the drinking water there is now safe. However the city must inspect and in many cases replace all of its lead pipe system bit by bit and until that lengthy process is completed, the EPA suggests using government-provided filters. Many residents--understandably mistrustful after the city at first denied the problem and then manipulated test results to hide it--are sticking with bottled water for now, relying on donations since the state ended free bottled water distribution last year. ....

No kidding. -- Elon Musk (@elonmusk) July 11, 2018 Musk got things slightly wrong--it's the EPA, not the FDA that regulates contaminants in water, and by the time of his tweet, most households in Flint were already below that threshold. But children being particularly susceptible to lead's dangerous effects, schoolchildren in the city have not been using water fountains or drink from the tap the way children throughout the rest of the United States routinely do.  When Musk learned of this a year ago, he promised to provide filtration systems that would give the city's schoolchildren safe drinking water. The school system has thanked Elon Musk publicly in his favorite venue: Thank you @elonmusk and @MuskFoundation for investing in the health/future well-being FCS Students! Your generous donation will help us replace ALL water fountains w/NEW WATER STATIONS & WATER FILTRATION at ALL SCHOOLS! Looking forward to our burgeoning partnership! More to come! -- Flint Schools (@FlintSchools) October 4, 2018 Like many Musk projects, the planned completion date slipped a little. He first said the new water stations would be in place in January 2019, then pushed it back to spring. But now, the water ....

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