Is Fortnite down? Is it just hype? And is it all Elon Musk’s fault? – The Guardian

Is Fortnite down? Is it just hype? And is it all Elon Musk’s fault? – The Guardian

Elon Musk
Josh, my Twitter is flooded with people mourning the loss of Fortnite and blaming Elon Musk and I really have no idea what is happening. What is happening?I’m glad you asked, Steph. So: Fortnite is a massive online multiplayer game played by 250 million people around the world. It’s huge.A few hours ago a big asteroid in the game began to flare up and within a short time basically blew up the entire map.You can’t play the game right now.
It’s just a black hole. People, naturally, began freaking out.Jack “CouRage” Dunlop (@CouRageJD)RIP Fortnite: Battle RoyaleFULL LIVE REACTION TO THE END! October 13, 2019Fortnite also deleted all of its tweets and is running a livestream of said black hole both on Twitter and game-streaming platform Twitch, which around 40, 000-60, 000 people are currently watching. .

According to some reports, the total number of viewers across all platforms is more than six million.1800 Clapz (@1Clapz)"No one is stupid enough to watch a blackhole for 4 hours" #Fortnite Me: October 13, 2019Some numbers have been appearing around the black hole, and people are wondering whether they’re clues.Lawrence? (@LawyFN)WTF October 13, 2019Jon (@MrDalekJD)This is no joke - @FortniteGame are FULLY trolling us all.If you type the numbers "11 146 15 62 google maps" in Google and click the first link, you get a street view of a crab rave.LMAO??? October 13, 2019timthetatman (@timthetatman)Everyone trying to figure out what the Fortnite numbers mean October 13, 2019Millions of people are watching a black hole? Who are these people? How does this game work?Fortnite is an online shooter game where around 100 people are pitted against each other on a small island in a fight to the death until one person is left standing. A lot of time and in some cases money has been invested, particularly by the most hardcore players – so people are wondering if this is the end of Fortnite, or just the start of a new season of the game (a season ....

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