Jeff Bezos Gave an Amazon Employee Extraordinary Advice After His Epic Fail. It’s a Lesson in Emotional Intelligence – Inc.

Jeff Bezos Gave an Amazon Employee Extraordinary Advice After His Epic Fail. It’s a Lesson in Emotional Intelligence – Inc.

Jeff Bezos
Sometime around 2010,  Amazon embarked on an ambitious project: The e-commerce giant wanted to build its own smartphone. Over the next four years, the company would invest heavily in the project, to the tune of a thousand employees and over a hundred million dollars. The Amazon Fire Phone finally made its debut in June 2014.  It was an epic failure. At least, the phone seemed like a failure. But there's more to the story, and it involves another, far more successful Amazon product that has its roots in the Fire Phone: Amazon Alexa. The story also hinges on a conversation between Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Ian Freed, the executive who was charged with overseeing both the Fire Phone and Alexa.  Interestingly, Amazon launched Alexa alongside its smart speaker, the Echo, just four months after the release of the Amazon Fire. Around that time, the company also announced that it was taking a $170 million hit in connection with the Fire Phone. "You can't, for one minute, feel bad about the Fire Phone, " said Bezos. "Promise me you won't lose a minute of sleep."  In two short sentences, ....

They designed it so it could understand a variety of accents. They didn't want to place too many limitations on the software, so they gave it the ability to do all sorts of tasks--from telling you the weather to answering questions using information on the internet...and yes, even playing a song.  Today, you know that cloud-based computer as Alexa--Amazon's ubiquitous virtual assistant. Earlier this year, Amazon announced that it has already sold over a hundred million Alexa-enabled devices. It's a product that single-handedly transformed how modern consumers interact with technology in their homes--and transformed Amazon into a leader in the field of artificial intelligence. But things could have turned out a lot differently. What's emotional intelligence got to do with it? Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify, understand, and manage emotions--in both yourself and others. One of the reasons Amazon has been so successful is because of Bezos's willingness to keep a typical emotion like fear at bay. It's this ability that allows him to take risks, to embrace failure when it happens--because with failure comes learning and growth. The same willingness to grow that inspired Bezos to push forward with the ....

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