A talking Tesla? It’ll probably just be one more broken promise from Elon Musk – Digital Trends

A talking Tesla? It’ll probably just be one more broken promise from Elon Musk – Digital Trends

Elon Musk
It’s 2020, and everyone’s a little disappointed that the flying cars aren’t here yet. But one 1980s fantasy of the future may soon come true: One day soon, your Tesla could be talking to you. Tesla CEO Elon Musk appeared to show off a new feature for his electric cars: The ability to talk to people outside of the car in a British accent. Musk added that the talking car could cause some “epic robber confusion” by adding the functionality to the car’s already existing sentry mode, a monitoring system that’s part of the car’s security. Teslas will soon talk to people if you want. This is real. pic.twitter.com/8AJdERX5qa — Buff Mage (@elonmusk) January 12, 2020 The tweet is the latest in a series of pie-in-the-sky promises from Musk, who is often quick to show off an exciting new feature, but often isn’t as cavalier about the details. The talking ability has no release date, and Tesla told Digital Trends in an email that “Elon’s tweet is the extent of what we’re sharing right now about this.” Announcing new Tesla features with delayed follow-through, or none at all, has a bit of a pattern for Musk. .

Digital Trends reported in February of last year that Tesla would be rolling out a fleet of autonomous Teslas (that would still need drivers behind the wheel) before the end of 2019. It’s the beginning of 2020 and those have not materialized. The list of these types of promises is extensive, so much so that there’s an entire website to track them: ElonsBrokenPromises.com has tracked some of these. Here’s some of the (many) Tesla promises Musk has made, without actually delivering. Model 3 production In 2017, Musk stated that the company would make 500, 000 Model 3s in 2018. He then kept shifting the goals, saying they would make 20, 000 a month, and then 5, 000 per week. Actual production of Model 3s in 2018 were 8, 180 in Q1, 28, 578 in Q2, 55, 840 in Q3, and 61, 394 in Q4. Tesla made 0 cars in 2011, but will make around 500k in 2019 — Buff Mage (@elonmusk) February 20, 2019 In total the company produced 152, 992 Model 3s in 2018. .

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