Mark Zuckerberg couldn’t cut it in community journalism – Pamplin Media Group

Mark Zuckerberg couldn’t cut it in community journalism – Pamplin Media Group

Mark Zuckerberg
Even the tiniest weekly and monthly newspapers have to figure out a way to sniff out the lies I'm kinda mad at Mark Zuckerberg.Not because he's worth something like $74 billion (according to my friends at Wikipedia) and not because, at 35, he's less than half my age. Those are, after all, good things. We should all be billionaires and younger than some of my underwear. No, what is really sticking in my craw is the fact that, even though he has turned Facebook into such a ubiquitous social media platform that many people can't imagine a world without it, he refuses to take responsibility for the "news" content it delivers to people around the world. I have to admit I was a little surprised to learn that people actually GET their news via Facebook. I always thought it was one of those waste-of-time high-tech diversions, like video games, YouTube or Candy Crush. But hey, live and learn, right? This all became a big fat issue, of course, when it was learned that by allowing Russia and assorted other ne'er-do-wells to spread lies in their Facebook advertising and (I'm pretty sure) in their fake news offerings — the official stance ....

their readers and advertisers would like to sneak into their news, editorial and advertising content — and block them from public view. And yes, that includes all those snarky comments at the end of online news reports. And yes, if Russians were disguising themselves as "ordinary comrades living peacefully in big handsome house next to the beautiful Lake of Oswego, " somebody would be expected to figure that out as well and keep it from confusing the paper's subscribers. This is not an easy job. It is, in fact, extremely difficult. But it comes with the territory, folks. For the longest time, Community Newspapers and the Portland Tribune relied on one dedicated employee, my old friend Kevin Harden, to police all those nasty online comments and delete the ones considered too mean or too crazy to be in a family newspaper — and believe me, lots of them WERE deemed undeserving of being seen on our websites. .

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