Working: Tim Cook, five decades-plus of towing – Kennebec Journal & Morning Sentinel

Working: Tim Cook, five decades-plus of towing – Kennebec Journal & Morning Sentinel

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Tim Cook hops out of his largest tow truck, a 20-ton former military wrecker nicknamed The Great Pumpkin, at his garage in Bridgton. Cook was pinned into the prestigious Order of Towman last month. Andree Kehn Buy this Photo BRIDGTON — Tim Cook has been towing for more than five decades. With thousands of tows under his belt, he specializes in the ones most people don’t want, rescuing an oil truck stuck miles down a snowmobile trail, pulling half of a house out of a pond. “A manure truck that rolled over comes to mind, ” said retired Lovell Fire Chief Tommie McKenzie. Cook, 66, was pinned into American Towman Magazine’s Order of Towman last month, an award reserved for drivers nominated by fire and police officials. “He’s always done a great job doing it, an expert in how to recover a vehicle, ” said McKenzie, who put in Cook’s name. “I figured it was well-deserved.” Cook, a Bridgton native, found himself at age 8 hooking cars up to his father’s wrecker. .

His father wasn’t a commercial tow truck driver but would bring customers’ cars back to his shop to work on them. “I said I didn’t want to be in the towing business, I wanted to drive a truck, I wanted to build fast cars — well, here I am, ” said Cook, who started Lake Region Towing in 1979. And like his father, he’s also a mechanic, “unfortunately, ” he joked. “My first scan tool was $280; the last one I got was $14, 000.” He’s passionate about community service, volunteering 45 years with the Bridgton Fire Department. He’s fire chief in Sweden, a safety officer with Sebago fire and a member of the Harrison Fire Department. He’s also a longtime municipal fire and vehicle extraction instructor. Cook listens to calls, and if there’s a vehicle involved, he’ll often respond in his small, one-ton tow truck, not to get the tow business — departments often have a rotating list of companies that get those — but to help if the vehicle needs to be lifted or otherwise moved. “It’s a tool, ” Cook said. It’s also a bit of an art. “Back in the day, everybody thought, ‘Wreckers, all they do ....

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