How Elon Musk went from sleeping in the factory to being on the cusp of launching a crew into space – The Washington Post

How Elon Musk went from sleeping in the factory to being on the cusp of launching a crew into space – The Washington Post

Elon Musk
But now Musk is on a roll, literally dancing his way forward past a thicket of controversies. Tesla’s stock price has quadrupled, and the company’s market value now is greater than GM’s and Ford’s combined. A jury acquitted him in the defamation suit. And SpaceX is on the cusp of its first human spaceflight, having just completed what Musk called “a picture-perfect” test flight. President Trump even compared him recently to Thomas Edison, calling him “one of our great geniuses.” Most notable for some is that Musk, known for taking to Twitter to tout his successes and lash out at his critics, has demonstrated restraint. He hasn’t tweeted any sensitive numbers about the publicly traded Tesla, and he kept silent after NASA pronounced the software in Boeing’s Starliner capsule — SpaceX’s competitor for sending people into space — so flawed that more than a million lines of code must be meticulously reviewed, a process that could take months. People who follow Musk closely say they’ve noticed the change. Rebukes by regulators and the serious responsibility of sending astronauts to space, now weeks away, have humbled him, they say. “Elon’s not dealing like ....

Tesla is launching its new crossover SUV in the first quarter, and new vehicles in the past have become a production stumbling block. Tesla also revealed last week that it’s again under investigation by the SEC. And though he may have been humbled, he remains refreshingly unfiltered. He recently danced on stage in China, performing what some dubbed a strip tease, shrugging his hoodie off and then throwing it. He told a recent SpaceX event on the rushed timeline to build a rocket he hopes will get to Mars: “My new thing is management by rhyming: If the schedule is long, it’s wrong; it if it’s tight, it’s right.” He also recently released a song that climbed the charts on Spotify after he tweeted to his 30 million followers a shot of himself jamming to the beat. The track’s title also served a four-word manifesto: “Don’t Doubt Ur Vibe.” Payoff after a painful year Musk’s relentless focus on Tesla, in particular, has begun to pay off. Musk’s goal of injecting electric cars into the mainstream is becoming reality, and Wall Street has begun to accept that. .

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