Mark Zuckerberg Takes a Timid Stab at Theology – Fair Observer

Mark Zuckerberg Takes a Timid Stab at Theology – Fair Observer

Mark Zuckerberg
Everyone wants to know what Mark Zuckerberg believes, just as everyonewants to hear the songs Elon Muskrecords and releases to the public.
When you’re that rich, that famous and thatpowerful, the world is curious to know everything there is to know about yourbeliefs, hobbies and desires. Who, for example, wasn’t impressed two years agoupon learning that Warren Buffett splurges as much as$3.17 on his breakfast every day at McDonalds, and that when he’s “not feelingquite so prosperous, [he] might go with the $2.61?” And now the world and the media have had the chance to discover theprofound truth about Zuckerberg’s hitherto unexpressed religious beliefs. Thesedetails, whether it’s about breakfast menus or religious beliefs, are thingsthe world needs to know because they may supply people who aren’t rich, famousand powerful with the keys to becoming any or all of those things. Business Insider reports that during an on-stage interview Zuckerberg gave at a conference in Utah, the founder and CEO of Facebook for the first time revealed his deepest thoughts on spirituality. “I think there’s a comfort in knowing and having confidence that there are things bigger than you … it’s why I have so much faith in democracy overall, it’s why ....

Inrecent years, some critics of Zuckerberg’s critics have allowed themselves toquestion his sense of public morality. Nobody suspects him of shameful privatemorality, in the style of a Harvey Weinstein or Jeffrey Epstein, though themedia have signaled scandals that concern his less than “neighborly” behaviorin various places where he owns property, notably in Kauai, Hawaii, where hebuilt a wall that has disfigured the landscape. As one of his Hawaiian neighbors complained:“It’s really sad that somebody would come in and buy a huge piece of land andthe first thing they do is cut off this view that’s been available andappreciative by the community here for years.” Zuckerberg takes the attitude that extremely wealthy people are role models for the entire world, not for their neighbors. If his the neighbors in Hawaii had followed Trump Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin’s advice to Greta Thunberg, who said he would take the Swedish teenager seriously after she has enrolled in a college economics course, they might have understood that the property taxes Zuckerberg pays contribute handsomely to their community’s prosperity. This means that his wealth is somehow trickling down to them. .

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