Mark Zuckerberg’s privilege to be forgotten – The Verge

Mark Zuckerberg’s privilege to be forgotten – The Verge

Mark Zuckerberg
A lengthy piece from Steven Levy in Wired today revealed parts of a 2006 journal from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. You can read the Wired story here, and also our take on the most notable part of it, which is that Zuckerberg once considered something wild called “dark profiles.” But what struck me most was the fact that what we saw today in Wired may be the only glimpse we ever get at Zuckerberg’s intimate journal record — because he destroyed the rest of it.“The notebooks have now mostly disappeared, destroyed by Zuckerberg himself, ” Levy reports. “He says he did it for privacy reasons.”It’s difficult to capture the magnitude of this irony.I’m not saying Facebook’s rise to power is a complete secret.
Years of reporting, leaks, books, and even a feature film have triangulated the actions and intentions of the people who built it. But who knows what we’re missing, now that we know what will forever be missing? The glimpses we’ve had at Zuckerberg’s raw behavior aren’t flattering; his leaked IMs calling early Facebook users “dumb fucks” is one of his most enduring phrases. Indeed, as Levy notes, having that conversation exposed is probably the reason why he ....

“Would you want every joke that you made to someone being printed and taken out of context later?” he asked Levy.The problem is that Zuckerberg’s notebooks are filled with work product, and not likely throwaway remarks from a college-age jokester. Levy says he observed Zuckerberg using notebooks to sketch out product ideas that were often juxtaposed with “bits of his philosophy.”“Page after page were filled with straight lines of text, bullet-pointed feature lists, flow charts, ” Levy says.
“Zuckerberg was no longer doing much coding; he was focused mostly on the big picture. The notebooks allowed him to work out his vision in detail.”Facebook is much older now, but it’s obvious that we’ve lost something important to history with the destruction of these records. And because Zuckerberg is effectively a world leader, I can’t help but see a dark parallel between these acts and what’s happening elsewhere, as the US National Archives destroys millions of documents that could have one day told a story about one of the most shameful chapters in our country’s history, and a brigade of men in the White House run around with scotch tape trying to preserve the documents that President Trump rips to shreds.To ....

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