Tesla’s Leaked Employee Handbook Is As Unconventional As Founder Elon Musk – Forbes

Tesla’s Leaked Employee Handbook Is As Unconventional As Founder Elon Musk – Forbes

Elon Musk
(AP Photo/Jae C. Hong, File) ASSOCIATED PRESS Elon Musk, the founder and CEO of Tesla, is known for his iconoclastic, unconventional personality and management style. Tesla's employee handbook, which mirrors the style of Musk, was leaked and then published by Business Insider.  If you are a Tesla human resources professional or in-house counsel, the employee manual must cause great anxiety. For workers, it's amazing.  The handbook offers a disclaimer to all employees: “If you’re looking for a traditional employee handbook filled with policies and rules, you won’t find one. Policies and rules tell you where the bottom is—they tell you how poorly you can perform before you get shown the door. That’s not us.”  Usually employee handbooks are long, boring, jargon-laden and written in an authoritarian tone. .

It's not clear if anyone in the history of corporations has ever completely read and understood their company’s manual. The exception is when there is an issue, then you search for it, start reading and quickly give up because it's incomprehensible, dense and confusing.  Tesla’s handbook is like its founder—no-nonsense, direct and to the point, holds people accountable and sets forth the requirements clearly and concisely.  Musk seeks out smart and motivated people and holds them accountable. He is open-minded as to a person’s background, but requires people to show up on time and produce. Tesla has high expectations for its employees to live up to its standards of excellence. According to Musk, it's not imperative that employees come from top-tier universities. .

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