To Understand Elon Musk, You Must First Get to Know His Mother – InsideHook

To Understand Elon Musk, You Must First Get to Know His Mother – InsideHook

Elon Musk
Until now, there are two ways that graceful, silver-haired model and dietitian Maye Musk’s story has typically been told. The first is the story of the success she’s maintained as a 71-year-old model landing a CoverGirl campaign and walking the runway at New York Fashion Week.
The second is as an accessory to her oldest son, noted tech man, SpaceX and Tesla C.E.O., and on-and-off-again boyfriend of 2010s synth-pop artist Grimes, Elon Musk. (Grimes recently confirmed that she’s pregnant, though it’s not clear Musk is the father — the two were first linked when they attended the 2018 Met Gala together, and were last pictured together at a Christmas party with Kim Kardashian in December.) Sometimes the stories overlap (“The model, 70, and mother of Elon Musk, talks about female confidence, ageing and how she taught her children to be considerate to others, ” wrote The Guardian in 2018). What Musk addresses in some interviews but has gone largely unexamined is how she was not only able to leave an abusive marriage with three small children in tow, but also raise them to become, respectively, a tech entrepreneur, a restaurateur-philanthropist and a director-producer. (Unless you’re heavily invested in the food-tech space ....

But before you really dig into Musk family values, you have to understand the life Maye Musk has lived.Maye Musk: The MatriarchWhen Maye Musk was a child in 1950, her parents packed up her and her four siblings (Musk has a brother, Jerry, who her father had from a previous marriage; then there was her older brother Scott, her older sister Lynne and her twin sister Kaye) and moved the family from Regina, Saskatchewan, to Pretoria, South Africa.
It was from there that her parents, Winnifred Haldeman and chiropractor Dr. Joshua Norman Haldeman, would pack up the family for such fantastical adventures as roaming the Kalahari Desert in search of the fabled lost city of Kalahari or flying a prop plane from country to country (years later, Dr. Haldeman would die in a plane crash with Kaye’s husband). Musk did not by any means have what one would consider a typical upbringing. .

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