Tesla Reports Its First Employee Coronavirus Cases As Elon Musk Touts Ventilator Plans – Forbes

Tesla Reports Its First Employee Coronavirus Cases As Elon Musk Touts Ventilator Plans – Forbes

Elon Musk
The President of the Lombardy Region Attilio Fontana and Guido Bertolaso arrive at the Milan Trade ... [+] Fair in a Tesla on March 16, 2020.NurPhoto via Getty ImagesTesla, which halted electric vehicle production at its main U.S.
plant this week, told employees in a memo that two office staffers tested positive for the COVID-19 novel coronavirus, but don’t appear to have been around coworkers in recent days. The two unidentified people “had been working from home for nearly two weeks” and “were not symptomatic in the office, and both are quarantined at home and recovering well, ” Laurie Shelby, Tesla’s safety chief, said in the emailed note, a copy of which was obtained by Forbes. “Their direct coworkers, who were already working from home for nearly two weeks as well, were immediately notified so they can quarantine and watch for symptoms.”The development comes after Tesla moved slowly to halt production at its San Francisco Bay Area Plant in Fremont, continuing production days after local authorities informed the company that it wasn’t an essential business and needed to comply with stay-at-home rules that currently cover all of California. Workers at Tesla headquarters in Palo Alto and other parts of the state ....

now leads the world in total coronavirus cases, with more than 81, 000 confirmed cases and over 1, 180 deaths as of March 26.
New York City has become the epicenter, and the biggest U.S. city is struggling to get sufficient supplies of medical equipment to treat the fast-rising number of cases.During the crisis Tesla CEO Elon Musk has made statements on Twitter that appear to downplay its severity, from describing coronavirus panic as dumb; suggesting “kids are essentially immune”; promoting chloroquine as a treatment without supporting evidence from clinical trials; or that “we will see a significant reduction in the confirmed C19 case growth rate this week” – even as cases continue to rise rapidly. At the same time, he’s sent thousands of protective masks to health-care workers, secured 1, 200 ventilators for use by Los Angeles hospitals and said Tesla’s temporarily idled Buffalo, New York, solar panel factory will begin making ventilators “as soon as humanly possible. We will do anything in our power to help the citizens of New York.” The billionaire entrepreneur has said Tesla is working with Medtronic to speed up production of those devices, and on Thursday tweeted: “Given NY pressing needs, we’re delivering ....

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