The Tim Cook Apple iPad prediction that’s looking increasingly blurry – CNBC

The Tim Cook Apple iPad prediction that’s looking increasingly blurry – CNBC

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Apple's new iPad Pro 2020. Apple It would probably be wrong to argue semantics with Apple CEO Tim Cook, who said on a 2012 earnings conference call that combining a laptop and tablet was akin to converging a toaster and refrigerator — you'd wind up compromising both. But today, as the market for portable computers that possess features of both tablets and laptops takes off, Apple's iPad is leading a pack that looks more like a winning compromise in a weakened tablet market. Apple celebrated the iPad's tenth birthday this year by virtually launching a new iPad Pro in March — like everyone else, Apple canceled its big media gatherings and has since also closed its retail stores due to the worsening coronavirus pandemic. The new iPad marks another step in the device's march toward looking, feeling and behaving like a laptop. Over the past few years, this slow morph has helped the iPad gain significant share in a market where, overall, sales have been declining since their height in 2014. In its review this week, CNBC said the new iPad Pro "makes a tempting laptop replacement." According to Rick Kowalski, senior manager of industry ....

Lenovo, with 5.8% market share, was the only other brand that saw growth. "Apple is bucking the trend with its iPad Pro. Outside of that, you don't see much excitement about tablets, " says Lauren Guenveur, a senior research analyst on IDC's devices and displays team. "With the iPad mini the only iPad that isn't a detachable, the company is definitely skewing toward a pure detachable portfolio." Microsoft Surface and detachable devices Detachables, also known as 2-in-1 devices, typically feature keyboards that unhook from their screens (some have a 360-degree hinge that allows the keyboard to be folded flat against the display). Because there is less space for components — essential hardware must fit somewhere in the display — historically the devices have had to compromise on design and computing power. Because of this, you don't see many 2-in-1 devices in the wild, and analysts say that with the exception of the Microsoft Surface, no one really has come up with a compelling model. Apple, with its stronghold over its own hardware, software and chips, might have an opportunity to do what it did with tablets the first time around and remake the 2-in-1 market, pulling share from ....

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